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CCTV In Leicester & Coventry

Cost effective internal and external CCTV provides an excellent security management tool, providing a security solution for homes, businesses, public areas, building and industrial sites.

A full site survey and risk assessment is available form our sales department, together with detailed recommendations and product information.

Specialising In CCTV Systems

CCTV enables monitoring and recording of specified areas to help protect against crime and false liability claims. Systems include discreet external cameras for the home, static and fully functional cameras for business and commercial applications offering excellent day and night view high-resolution pictures, with options of in-built or added IR lighting to enhance low-light and night-time recordings.

CCTV Cameras Leicester & Coventry

Access Control carry out all associated civil works regarding the installation of external camera towers / external building bracketry / mains and signal cable installation.

Advantages of CCTV

Recording Archive

CCTV Cameras

All systems are installed with the latest recording options via a DVR- (digital video recorder), units allow recordings to be stored on a hard-drive, allowing large amounts of storage to be added depending on individual requirements.

Most DVR's offer two types of coping medium, either in-built CD-writer or USB memory socket, suitable software is also written to the recoding allowing playback on laptops and other computers etc.

Depending on the number of cameras installed it is normal to have a least one viewing monitor, however on larger system two are installed giving a multiplexed view of all cameras and a full spot screen of a required camera, also allowing playback as required.

Recording Archive

Systems can be linked to business servers allowing remote viewing and control to be accessible via any connected computer via a password, also internet and mobile phone dial up are available.

All systems are designed for each individual requirement, complete with all the required legal, and data protection requirements.

Access Controls also offer a wide range of IP cameras to complement any server-based system.

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