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Access Controls For Homes & Businesses

As a leading supplier and installer of access control solutions for homes and businesses, our team of professionals are committed to giving you the best security options to match your needs. Our entry control systems are built to provide the highest level of security, comfort, and control, making sure that your property is always protected. Offering a bespoke service to match your unique needs, whether you’re trying to secure your home or business you can choose the perfect product that meets your needs from our selection of smart locks, security cameras, access card systems, and intercom systems. To find out more and to request a quote, please get in touch today.

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Door Entry Systems

Affordable door entry systems are available for homes and businesses, and controlling who has access to enter doors has never been so simple, secure, and reliable with the help of our solutions. At Access Controls, we believe that security should be both practical and reliable. Our access control systems are simple to use. You can also feel confident knowing that your property is secure. even when you’re not there thanks to the ability to monitor and manage access from anywhere, at any time.

Your property will be safeguarded by the most cutting-edge security measures thanks to our modern technology solutions. Our team of professionals are available at all times to provide assistance and advice, and we work directly with you to understand your particular needs and create solutions that are specifically tailored to you. To find out more about our services and how we can help keep your property safe and secure, get in touch with us right away.



Electronic Locking

A wide range of cost-effective locking systems are available to suit every type of locking scenario, these can range from Magnetic locks / Solenoid / Hook bolts /Magnetic shear locks / Strike locks, all of which are available for internal and external applications, together with associated fixing brackets allowing a locking solution for any application.


Electronic Interlock Systems

“Airlock” type systems, which are particularly effective in cash handling and environment control situations. No progress can be made until the entry door is locked; ensuring movement flow is completely controlled. Suitable for nursery and primary schools, care homes, cash handling facilities etc.

  • 2,3 & 4 Way Interlocks
  • Simple Programming
  • Indicators for Interlock & Door Status
  • Operates with Access Control Systems
  • Applications include – Clean Rooms, Cash/Bullion Rooms and Jewellery Stores

Online Section

We are proud to offer such a wide selection of online access control solutions, using a comprehensive range of suppliers to enable the correct solution for your security needs. Systems can be tailored to suit individual requirements for your access solution. Online systems offer dedicated reports of movement, times of entry/exit, persons can be restricted from entry through certain doors or areas, at selected times, thus allowing managers to police staff movements as required.

Adding and deleting cards or fobs, altering locking times and zones can be programmed easily using windows based software. Users can be traced as a highlighted colour on the system’s display showing their movements around the access system as they enter controlled areas. If a user has been deleted from the system and the fob or card has not been returned, the system will deny access whilst still reading the fob or card, together with the time and door reference they have attempted entry.

In addition to this, this type of system also offers temporary staff and visitors access options either via full or restricted access for certain doors/areas together with a validated start and end dates, ensuring security is maintained after temporary contact or visit has expired.

Key Pads (Low-Security)

GatesKeypads are available in surface and flush-mounted options. Units offer a simple security fix, allowing a 4-8 digit code to be programmed to release locking or offer a required signal to open doors/gates etc. These units can be easy to change codes from the programming option allowing the unit to be policed as required.

Proximity Readers (Med-Security)

Proximity readers offer a medium-security option for any installation as a personal tag or card is carried by the user, providing the card or fob is valid the unit will allow entry to the user. If a tag or card is lost it can be removed from the memory easily allowing a replacement to be added if required.


Proximity & Pin Readers (High Security)

Proximity and Pin readers offer high security as both options are required, a typical operation would require a valid fob or card to be presented which would the offer visual indication that a pin code is required, once the pin is validated access is granted.


Biometrics Finger Scanner Very High Security)

GatesBiometrics offer very high-security option units that can be surface-placed, flush-mounted and interfaced to operate any access solution. The unit requires a valid fingerprint read from an individual who is, in turn, crossed checked from the system’s database, once confirmed access is granted, with this option the information cannot be shared making this technology foolproof.

Paxton 10

Paxton10 is an all-in-one security solution that combines access control and video management into a single, easy-to-use interface. It provides a convenient and cost-effective approach to control building access and enhance monitoring, with the potential to manage up to 1000 doors and 1000 cameras.

Paxton10 minimises complexity and provides an integrated solution by merging access control and video management. Through automatic locking and monitoring cameras that record any unauthorised entry attempts, the system ensures authorised access. Paxton10 can also be readily integrated with fire and intruder alarms, which simplifies building management and improves control for larger facilities. Overall, Paxton10 simplifies and secures security administration, making it more accessible via smartphone or tablet apps.


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