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Bespoke Alarm Systems

Criminals are becoming increasingly creative in their efforts to commit crimes, as a result, businesses and homeowners are more concerned than ever about protecting their property and family/staff from damage or theft. However, thieves and vandals aren’t the only threat. Fires are something you should prepare for in your home or business too, both of these incidents can be prevented a lot of the time through reliable alarm systems in the property. Here at Access Control Solutions, we have extensive experience in delivering professional, tailored, security advice and fire/security alarm systems to businesses and homeowners.


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Indoor Security

Rapid Threat Detection: Our modern security system includes detectors that can detect possible hazards such as illegal entrance through doors or windows, as well as trespassers on your property. Furthermore, motion detectors provide vital information about the reason for a motion alarm, providing you with improved situational awareness.

Remote System Control: Control your security system from anywhere in the globe, all from the comfort of your smartphone. Even during blackouts or Internet signal outages, our dependable technology provides continuous protection for your property. Our hub, which is equipped with a backup battery and twin SIM cards, is always on guard.

Fire Detection

Advanced Fire Protection: We install cutting-edge fire detectors that are designed to swiftly respond to smoke or sudden temperature increases, providing you with vital protection against fire hazards. These fire detectors can function independently from the rest of the security system, offering an added layer of reliability and peace of mind. Carbon monoxide alarms can also be added as part of the install.

Outdoor Security

Unrivalled outside Detection: Our outside detectors are designed to identify trespassers as soon as they set foot on your property. Our Ajax detectors rapidly raise the alarm when someone attempts to climb over a fence or peer through a window, guaranteeing that any unauthorised access is caught and reported.

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