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Alarm Systems In Leicester & Coventry

Alarm Systems are widely used around the world. We can install full security systems on commercial premises. At Access Control Solutions (UK) Ltd we can provide you with a suitable alarm systems to meet your requirements for a security system.

Personal Attack Systems

Personal Attack Systems

Solutions, which meet a growing, need for systems, which raise the alarm in "panic" situations. Systems can be interfaced to activate many add on devices. Units are available in wired and wireless formats to suit every security requirement. Suitable for schools, care homes, cash handling facilities etc. Personal Attack Systems

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Wireless Alarms

Wireless Alarm Systems

The systems we install are approved to EN5013-1 Grade 2 which is recognised by the Police and Insurance companies.

Pioneering wireless technology links the control panel and all accessories.

  • No Wires
  • No Mess
  • Quick Installation
  • Wireless key-fob setting with panic alert
  • Set system to send a message when your children arrive home
  • Portable panic and emergency buttons
  • Pet tolerant movement sensors
  • Flood sensors
  • Shock sensors
  • Door and Window contacts
  • Smoke detectors
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • 24 Hour Monitoring optional
  • SMS or voice call to mobile or land-line numbers up to 4
Fire Release

Fire Releases

Fire alarm interface units and hold-open magnets, which offer an excellent solution to high traffic doorways, which must also provide a fire containment function.

Ideal for school/ hospital corridors, units can be controlled via timer operation to release at key times to allow for cleaning access.

Smoke Venting

Smoke Venting

In a fire situation, the controlled venting of smoke and hot gases is an effective means of managing and limiting the spread of fire. Roof and wall installed solutions are available and all comply with the latest standards.

We also offer a wide range of window operated smoke venting systems, units can be installed as a stand alone product or interfaced to an exisiting fire alarm system.


External Perimeter Security

External security can be very hard to police from a false alarm point of view, i.e. the detection of wild-life. ACS offer a false alarm free solution by installing perimeter IR beam systems, with this option twin headed external beams are installed via suitable post around the property or protected area, units give a signal when both beams have been triggered, thus offering excellent reliability against false activations.

Units can be zoned as required and set via a remote control option, with mobile phone conformation of set / unset; units can then trigger a multitude of options, Sounders / Lighting / Pagers / Mobile alerts/ CCTV and much more.

Flood Lights


External lighting, photosensitive automatic or infrared triggered systems for security and decorative lighting applications. We offer external decorative garden lighting, which can be linked to intruder detection, which can also incorporate an audio warning to the intruder, via external voice operated tannoy, and form part of a perimeter beam system.

Lights Range

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