Type of Access Control System Is Right For Your Business?

If you are planning to introduce or upgrade your the access control for your business, it’s easy to be unsure which system is right for you as there are so many options to choose from. From automated gates to keycard entry to biometrics, the range of solutions available all has their own unique benefits. Here are the best popular access control systems and how they can be integrated into your business.

Automated Gates

This is particularly useful if you have a company carpark or you don’t want your business to be accessible to the public. This is more common for warehouses and storage facilities that aren’t a typically customer-facing business. Automated gates allow you to control who enters your facility through the use of either an intercom system or a key fob, meaning that the gate can be opened from the comfort of your own car.

Electronic Lock Systems

One of the more popular types of access control systems within a business is the cost-effective and convenient electric lock. You’ll no longer have the hassle of having to manually lock the door behind you. It also means that you won’t have to worry about losing a key. Electronic lock systems are used for doors that are confidential, such as staff-rooms and other rooms that you don’t want the public to access.

Electronic Interlock Systems

Taking it a step further than standard electric locks, electronic interlock systems are designed for buildings that require higher security. These systems work by having 2-4 doors interconnected through this access control method, essentially meaning that none of the doors can be open at the same time.

Pin & Code Entry

Keypad entry is a common system used to accompany electronic lock systems as you can set a code of your choice that will be used to grant access to a room within your business. A code between 4-8 characters is the ideal amount and once the code has been entered, the door will unlock. The code can be easily updated too, should you need to change it.

Biometric Security

The use of biometrics within business has continued to see a rise in demand, with biometric technology evolving at a significant rate since its introduction more than 20 years ago. The more basic forms of biometrics are typically used in factories, meaning that employees can clock-in and out using a fingerprint scanner. Other forms of biometric security include facial recognition and iris scanning, these forms of access control are more common in buildings of extremely high security, such as banks.

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