Tips For Improving The Security of Your Property

If you are looking to improve the security of your domestic or commercial property, you may be overwhelmed by the array of products and services available. We’ve compiled our top tips for improving the security of your property.


The use of CCTV on the exterior of your property can be a huge deterrent for potential thieves. CCTV also provides you with peace of mind as you can use it to see who is at the door before opening it. With the use of night-vision technology, you can rest assured knowing that your property will be securely monitored on a 24-hour basis.

Alarm Systems

Keeping your alarm system serviced is a necessity. We would suggest servicing your alarm twice a year to ensure that it is operating as it should, you should then look to replace the batteries of your alarm every 2 years. As well as burglar alarms for your property, you can also get external parameter alarms, these beam systems can be used to monitor the exterior of your property. The alarm will then go off if someone is trespassing outside.

Driveway Gates

If you have an open commercial or domestic driveway, you may be interested in a robust automatic driveway gate. Consisting of electric locking systems, automatic gates are extremely secure as you won’t have to worry about manually closing the gate. You’ll have full control of who can enter your driveway through the use of an intercom system or through the use of proximity readers.

New Locks

If the locks to your property are particularly dated and perhaps starting to deteriorate, this can make them extremely vulnerable to being broken. By upgrading your locks, the security of your property can be significantly improved. If you would like advice when it comes to choosing the most secure locks for your property, ASecureLife has written a blog with some advice.

Robust Windows & Doors

Windows and doors are the 2 most vital entry points for potential burglars, therefore, ensuring that they are both durable and well-maintained is essential. The use of double and triple glazing not only make your home more economical, but they also make your home more secure.

Call Access Control Solutions

Should you be interested in adding CCTV to your commercial or domestic property or perhaps a new alarm system or automation of your driveway gate, Access Control Solutions are here to help. You can call our friendly team on 0116 236 6044 or fill out our contact form.

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