Difference With Passive & Monitored Personal Attack Systems

Personal attack systems are there to alert people when someone needs help. They could be used on a personal level to protect yourself from physical harm or it could be used in a workplace like in retail if there is a shoplifter. However, there are two different types of personal attack systems which work best in different situations. This post will help you learn more about the two so you can find the device that suits your situation best.

Passive Personal Attack Systems

This kind of systems works best through the element of surprise, in certain situations, this may be able to work. For example, if you are working in retail and someone tried to steal money out of the till you could sound an alarm and they may be startled by the alarm and run off without the money, before they get caught.

However, this system may not work as well in other situations. If you sound the alarm to protect yourself against an attacker on a quiet street, it may not work. Unless you are in a busy place, running from this attacker after the alarm is sounded, won’t do much. They could easily catch up to you. Even when people are nearby, they may hear this alarm and not do anything about it because it sounds so similar to a car alarm. These car alarms go off way too often and people have begun to just ignore them, so in a situation like this, an alternative approach may work better like a monitored personal attack system.

Monitored Personal Attack Systems

Monitored alarms are able to be disguised, for example in a name badge. If this alarm is activated, instead of a loud sound being played, it is silent instead. This can be triggered secretly without the attacker knowing when. An alert is then sent to someone who monitors these devices 24/7. These options may be a bit more expensive but are great in every situation.

A lot of these devices are able to record ongoing conversations, this means you don’t need to wait until the attack is actually happening, you can alert the people monitoring the alarm so they can listen in and alert the authorities when they think it is necessary. However, these alarms aren’t limited to attacks, they can be used if someone has injured themself, the responder will then be able to call their phone and ask the person if they are in need of any help from the authorities or whether calling their colleagues instead would be fine.

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