Quick Guide to Understanding Automated Security Gates

If you are looking to update or add some additional security to your property in the form of automated gates then here is our short guide to some of those initial questions you may have.


Will my gates stop working if there is a power outage?

Most automated gates will rely on electricity therefore if there is a power outage for a long period of time then this could cause a problem. All gate automations have a manual release system to allow you to open the gates from either side. However, our Roger Technology Automated Gate System can be installed with a battery backup power system so that the gate remains functional.


Do automatic gates add value to a property?

If the gates you have chosen go well with the property, look aesthetically pleasing and add an additional level of security, then yes automatic gates could help to push the price of your property up. People are willing to pay that little bit more if they can feel safe.

Do automatic gates help with the privacy of my property?

Automatic gates can help with the privacy of your property albeit if they are the right type. Looking for additional privacy we would recommend using a solid infill type that is also high. This will prevent people being able to see through or over top.

Are Automated gates expensive to run?

Automated electric gates are relatively low cost to operate. Our gate automation is a 24v or 36v brushless system that is made to be low energy but for continued use. Moving a 600kg sliding gate will use 30 watts.

Can I automate my current manual driveway gates?

If you currently have an existing driveway gate then depending on the type yes, it can be motorised and automated. If you are not sure whether your current gate can be automated then get in touch where we will be more than able to provide help and advice on your particular situation.


What is the difference between a cantilever and sliding gate?

Traditional sliding gates are wheel mounted that slide along a track when driven by the motor. Cantilever gates are very similar in nature but instead of rolling on wheels the gate is supported by rollers that are usually tucked away in a channel that’s welded to the bottom of the gate (for tidiness). This means that the gate remains suspended and never touches the ground.

How much do automatic gates cost?

Each automated gate setup will have its unique requirements and specifications, therefore it is best that you contact us in order for us to quote you correctly.

Hopefully this short guide has answered some of your initial questions in relation to automated gate systems. If you would like to speak to us further about your exact requirements then please call us on 0116 236 6044.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

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