Intercoms, CCTV or Alarms – Which Best Suits Your Property?

Protecting our property is about limiting the access that people have to the building to ensure that belongings and the property are safe. With so many different ways to keep people out your building, it can be difficult to choose which suits your needs best but fortunately, we at Access Controls offer the best advice to choosing the most suitable access system for you.

So where should you begin? Firstly you’ve made the right step in visiting our website, as you browse through you will notice the vast range of access controls we provide for a whole variety of environments, as we understand what may suit one property will not be required by another. Next, it’s about knowing the range of protection you wish to provide and this depends heavily on your property– here are some options.


Ideal for properties with multiple floors or to track those coming in and out of the building, intercoms are available in various forms. The traditional audio-only intercom is ideal for many properties that just require people to buzz in, but there have been advancements with this access method in the form of both audio-visual and even wireless intercoms.


CCTV can be a big deterrent to vandals and break-ins so it’s easy to see why it’s a popular choice for many buildings. With various systems available and the option for recording and archiving information, this suits most commercial properties that not only want to reduce the risk of crime but also capture any events that do happen.

Wireless Alarms

Alarms are given in both domestic and commercial properties but wireless alarms add the convenience. With quick installation, flood sensors, wireless key-fob settings and optional round the clock monitoring, it makes sense to choose this option over others.

Depending on your needs, whether it’s prevention, or a reaction to previous crime on your property, deciding what to install to protect your building can be tricky. Feel free to take a look at what we have to offer and don’t hesitate to call us if there is anything further that you wish to discuss.

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