How Do Automatic Gates Work?

A secure and safe way to protect a property, automatic gates work by receiving a signal from a remote control which tells the motor to open or close the gate.

Handy when arriving or leaving home in the car, this allows the gate to be operated remotely – so no getting caught in the rain, or leaving the comfort of the driver’s seat.

Designed to improve accessibility by removing the need to manually push or pull the gate, which is safer for those with mobility problems, this also boosts security by ensuring that the gate can only be opened by authorised visitors.

What Triggers an Automatic Gate to Open?

Most automatic gates open when a signal is received from the remote control. This is typically a handheld remote or fob which is small enough to keep alongside your keys or in the car.

Alternatively, automatic gates can be operated by a loop detector, which is concealed beneath the driveway. This generates a signal when a vehicle drives over a specific spot and enters the magnetic field of the loop detector, which triggers the gate to open.

Why Do Automatic Gates Need Sensors?

Automatic gates need sensors to prevent accidents involving vehicles, pedestrians, or pets. Most electric gates use infrared safety photocells to prevent the gate moving if an object is blocking its path, so you can rest assured that no accidental damage or injuries will occur.

How Do Automatic Gate Sensors Work?

Automatic gate sensors work using infrared safety photocells. A beam of light is transmitted across the gate opening between the two photocells, and if this beam is broken by a car, person, or any object that could block the progress of the gate, the gate will stop moving.

Some automatic gates are fitted with safety edges to prevent accidents or injury. These sensors are mounted on the edge of the gate and if contact is made with an object or person, the gate mechanism will stop.

Which Frequency Do Automatic Gates Work On?

Automatic gates work on one of two frequencies in the UK, 433MHz and 868MHz. Transmitters and receivers need to be on the same frequency to work, and any new remote control added to the system needs to match the same frequency.

Which Type of Gates Can Be Automated?

There are two types of gate that can be automated – sliding gates and swing gates. Both are popular options for securing a premises and making it more convenient to access a property.

Sliding automatic gates

Sliding automatic gates run along a track in the ground and are a good option where driveway space is limited, as the gate opens sideways rather than inwards. This is a handy space-saving solution and also makes sliding gates difficult to force open.

Swing automatic gates

Swing automatic gates consist of two separate leaves which rotate around hinges on the gate posts. Swing gates have a more traditional appearance, making them a good choice for period properties or heritage areas. Sufficient space is required in front of the gates to allow the leaves to swing open, so swing gates are less suitable in restricted spaces.

Can Existing Gates Be Automated?

Existing sliding or swing gates may be suitable for automation, depending on the condition of the gates. Where possible, this is a smart way to enjoy automatic gates on a budget, as it will cost less than investing in brand new electric gates.

Can You Open an Automatic Gate with a Mobile Phone?

Developments in technology mean that many automatic gates can now be operated from your mobile device, removing the need for a separate remote control or fob. However, automatic gates are more commonly operated using a remote control.

Can Automatic Gates Be Forced Open?

Automatic gates are designed with security in mind and provide a visual deterrent to would-be intruders. Automatic gates are unlikely to be forced open, particularly if you have sliding gates, however for added peace of mind, the gate can be secured with a magnetic lock, which will increase the amount of force the gate is able to withstand.

Can Automatic Gates Work Without Power?

In the event of a power failure, most electric gates can be opened by hand using a manual-release key and mechanism. This ensures that you can always enter or exit your property should a power cut occur.

Enquire About Installing Automatic Gates

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