Don’t Take the Risk: Take the Right Steps to Secure Your Business

Access control is an ever evolving industry with a variety of options for protecting a business of any size, but sometimes it’s hard to know just how far to go when securing your premises. Let’s take a look at some of the risks and find the most appropriate and proportionate systems for you.

Small Businesses

The purpose of any security measure is simple: to keep valuable information and goods inside and threats out. It can seem easier, especially in small businesses, to simply issue each employee with a key; in the short term keys are cost effective, but in the event of a lost or stolen key your business and its contents are left completely unsecure. Investing in an intercom or door entry system from Access Control Solutions eliminates this risk as well as ensuring you never have to cover the cost of re-keying your staff; they can also allow you to keep track of the flow in and out of your premises at any given time.

Authorised Personnel Only

In larger businesses different employees often require different levels of access; an internal door entry system can give you peace of mind as it offers a greater level of security to whatever you want protected and simplifies the management of your facilities. They can also provide you with a record of when people enter and leave different areas, allowing you full access awareness.

Inside and Out

No security system is infallible so taking extra precautions is wise. External CCTV allows you to keep track of the goings on around the outside of your premises, discouraging vandalism, and allows you evidence of who is coming in and out of the building at all times. Internal CCTV also has its benefits; if your company houses valuables it protects against theft, as well as harassment and abuse of equipment.

At Access Control Solutions we understand all businesses have different security issues and needs which is why we provide a range of services to give you peace of mind, contact us online if you have any queries regarding our systems, or phone us on: 0116 236 6044 and we’ll find the best protection for you.

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