Common Faults With Automatic Doors

An easy and convenient way to enter and exit a building, automatic doors are great for improving accessibility in a wide variety of settings. However, regular use can lead to faults with automatic doors which result in the doors not working reliably.

What Causes Automatic Door Faults?

  • Wear and tear: The more frequently automatic doors are opened and closed, the more wear and tear the doors will experience.
  • Intentional damage: Attempting to force the door to gain unauthorised access to a building can cause a fault.
  • Accidental damage: Hitting the door with a trolley, wheelchair, or other object could damage it.
  • Dirt: Dust and grime can obstruct the automatic door sensor, while a large build up of dirt in the components of the door could prevent it opening or closing.

Why Does an Automatic Door Keep Opening?

If an automatic door keeps opening when no one is trying to enter or exit the building, a problem with the sensor is likely to be the culprit. The sensor might be positioned so that it detects other moving objects, like passing vehicles or trees in the wind, or it might be directed too far down, causing the moving door itself to trigger the door to open again. The sensor may also need cleaning.

Why is an Automatic Door Not Closing?

If automatic doors won’t close, check the sensors first. If there is a threshold sensor to keep the door open while pedestrians are in the doorway, check this too. Some automatic doors have a hold open switch, so ensure this isn’t on. Automatic doors that remain open could also indicate a loss of power, so check the power supply to the doorway.

Will a Power Outage Affect Automatic Doors?

Automatic doors require electricity to operate, however many are supported by a battery back up to allow entrance to or exit from a building in the event of a power outage.

Why is an Automatic Door Making Noise?

If an automatic door is noisier than usual, the door track may need cleaning or lubricating. This could also be a sign that the track is misaligned, which can occur if the door has been damaged by excessive force.

Can Automatic Doors Be Opened Manually?

Many automatic doors are fitted with a manual release mechanism which allows the doors to be operated manually if automation fails. This ensures the doorway can still be used to enter or leave the building if necessary.

How Can Automatic Doors Be Repaired?

With many years of experience installing automatic doors, Access Control Solutions have helped hundreds of customers make their buildings more accessible. Our team also has the expertise to carry out a wide variety of door repairs, fixing a range of common faults to get your doors back up and running. To help you meet the requirements of EN 16005, we can also carry out regular servicing of automatic doors to ensure the doors are working safely. Find out more by calling 0116 236 6044 or by completing our contact form.

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