5 Unique Ways Biometric Technology Is Used In Everyday Life

With biometric technology continuing to evolve at an alarming rate, we are beginning to see the implementation of biometrics become more prominent in everyday life. These advancements in technology often get overlooked as we are so quick to adapt, but what was once considered as futuristic spy-esque equipment is slowly becoming a part of our day to day lives.

Mobile Devices

You may remember how revolutionary it was when fingerprint recognition was introduced to the mobile phone industry, no longer did you have to manually enter a password in order to unlock your phone. Fingerprint recognition saves users time and also makes your device more secure in the process. However, biometrics is now going one step further. With the replacement of fingerprint recognition for the revolutionary facial recognition, Apple has claimed that the probability of someone else unlocking a phone with Face ID is 1 in 1,000,000 as opposed to Touch ID at 1 in 50,000. Again proving that biometrics are significantly more secure than a simple password.

Airport Security

If you are a frequent flyer, you will have witnessed how biometric security has continuously evolved over the past 20 years in airports. With hundreds of airports around the world now storing the biometric data of their passengers, this data is then used at entry and exit points to allow for a much smoother and time-efficient process.

Mobile Banking Apps

Mobile applications that require login details, such as banking apps, are constantly looking for ways to improve security for their customers. Certain banking applications have started to incorporate fingerprint recognition, allowing for a more secure and effective sign-in process. Although some banking apps do still rely on an old-fashioned password entry system, I can only see more and more applications proceeding to adapt to biometric security in the near future.

Access To Workplaces

The use of biometrics and access control is certainly nothing new for workplaces, whether its fingerprint scanners as a method of signing in & out or perhaps iris scanning as a way of granting access to restricted areas of the premises. Biometrics is a reliable and effective method of access control within businesses, providing modern innovation on the generic key and lock system. Each day more workplaces take a step into the future by upgrading to biometric security systems.


One of the most common uses of biometric technology within schools is as a means of paying for lunches at the canteen. This means that students no longer have to have loose change in their pockets, therefore, meaning that queues will go down much faster. Biometrics can also be used in school libraries as a process of checking out a library book. More than 30% of secondary schools throughout the UK use some form of biometric technology.

Learn More About Biometrics

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